WER & WAS steckt hinter


The idea

We help Freelancers to be found, recruiters and agencies to find the right experts to enable clients making ends meet. How we make this possible exactly, is outlined in the following segments.

The search

At the core of our product is the search. Freelancers can search for jobs, and more importantly people with jobs can search and find the right Freelancer. We’re evaluating and sorting every available expert to really show you the most relevant picks first. How do we do it? Magic Sauce!

For agencies

Sign up, find Freelancers and organise them how you like – it’s that simple. You haven’t found the right person for a job right away? No problem, we’re taking matters in our own hands and match your job postings with people who suit them. Our product is built to find the right person and make it easy for you to get in touch with new people and organise them for the future.

For freelancers

Sign up and let the right jobs find you. Or you simply hunt down the jobs you were always looking for. Available or booked – we’ll let everyone know. Whenever you change your status, agencies will be noticed as well and can align possible projects to book the experts they like. The upside: the better you take care of your booking status, the better we can work to bring the best jobs right to your inbox.

The design

When Alex asked Nico to write something about the design of the page, the answer was “I don’t think it is necessary to write much about the design, since it should always be in the background.” That sums up our philosophy quite well: design and tech should be truly unobtrusive. They should simply work, and although this might not always be the case, we’re working hard on this, constantly creating the best possible experience.

The funding

We aren’t and don’t want to be a heavy funded startup. Our product aims to be a solidly financed tool that is growing steadily, giving agencies access to new and established Freelancers. To transform this side project into a sustainable product, we’re introducing features for agencies and freelancers that enhance the experience and make it even easier to find and book the right talents. But every new feature has to hold up to our promise: finding the best freelancer for every single job.

The milestones

We left the ultra-stealth mode on the 16.04.2015 when the first freelancers could join our platform. Until the End of June, more than 350 designers, developers, illustrators and account managers signed up. At the same time agencies like Hi-Res!, Publicist, Grabarz & Partner, Interone, Thjnk, PhilipundKeuntje and a lot more joined us. Together with all these fantastic people and their constant feedback, we’re able to improve and advance to make sure that we are moving closer to our goal: bringing ever more talents together with jobs they will love.

Goal for 2015

That’s easy: get better! We want to end the year with 1000+ talents in our pool and an according number of agencies. We’re working hard times to expand our reach beyond Berlin and Hamburg to build up stronger presence in Munich, Dusseldorf and Cologne as well.

The team

Once upon a time, a designer, a concept guy and a developer met … Nico is the Art Director. Mike is the UX Designer. Alex is the Developer. Combined we have some 25+ years we’ve worked in ad agencies like Jung von Matt, Grabarz & Partner or Razorfish, but then decided to freelance. We wanted to do something we could use and people might like: a tool to make our lives as freelancers easier. And this pursuit has been our motivation to push this project further and learn something along the way.

Our future

We don’t want to present grand plans to collect money and live with everything that follows. We want a platform that is here to stay. A product that generates solid revenue and is able to pay for the work we put into it. We want to learn ans share learnings. We want to improve the daily lives of our friends and new contacts. And as a vital part, this means listening, making mistakes, improving and incorporating feedback as often as we can.

We’re just starting a long and exciting process, and we want you to be a part of it. We’re looking forward in anticipation.